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Soul Art

“I create therefore I am”

Abstract Artist

About me:

Welcome on my page

My name is Alexandra Naul and I am the creator of my own reality. I was born in Czechoslovakia and I am a self-taught artist. During my life I have visited and lived in various places of the world. I started my art journey 8 years ago in Dubai, where I worked for a prestigious airline. Meeting new people from different cultures, magical and historical places inspired me to express my feelings, passions,joys and experiences. All this is reflected in my abstract intuitive artworks, which I paint solely with my fingers in order to connect with them better and give them the necessary energy vibration. I create my art in deep  connection with the source. By applying  several layers of contrasting colors and also different materials, I am able to insert an unique story into each piece of art. I wish that my work brings light, beauty, knowledge, positive energy, love and above all harmony and balance into people's lives.

I will also be happy to be your guide in the matters of personal development in the spiritual and psychosomatic areas of your journey. It is your path and no one will walk it for you, but each of us sometimes needs someone to help him understand, listen, maybe even lend a helping hand...

Why me?

I feel that the right time has come and I should use the gift that was given to me, and which I gradually discovered and mainly very intensively after I myself experienced clinical death on my journey, when it was too late, but in all of this chaos, the helping hand came when I was there and saw what was going on behind the curtain of all that we call life. At that moment, I knew that it was not yet my time, that I had a task here on Earth that would not wait, and I stood back on my own feet again, literally. I went through a rebirth in the true sense of the word, and that's why I can show you that all is possible that the only limitation is your own mind. Everything is connected to everything and there is always someone who is here now for you. We are never alone. With your free will, you can change your destiny and avoid the fall that I experienced...

With love and respect 



Art is the only trace left behind us


I paint in connection with the Source, that's why I only use my fingers for painting, because that's the only way I can better connect with the artwork. By doing so I insert into each piece the necessary energy vibration. My intention is to bring harmony, light, love, knowledge and positive higher vibrations into everyone's life with the message of the universe.

Artists that influenced me: Frida Kahlo, Gerhard Richter, Claude Monet, Picasso, Vincent van Gogh, Francoise Gilot, Pollock and from czech scene Valér Kováč


I make with love and intuition  my dream catchers of various colors and sizes. Depends on the wish of the client.

  According to the legend of the Old Indians, good dreams are caught in the web of life and bad dreams fall through the hole in the middle. Bad dreams are supposed to wander in an endless web until they are burned by the sun's rays and the good ones slip from the feathers directly into the dreamer's mind and soul. The dream catcher should therefore be placed above the dreamer and the sun should shine on it at least once a day.


I am active in these areas:

~ Deep Regression Therapy

~ Medium and investigator for

~ Spiritual response therapy > SRT- these days I use mainly ¨virgula¨ 

~ Numerological and karmological analysis

~Interpretation of light messages

~ Reading from the Akasha Chronicle Protonation Field

~ Australian Flower Essences healing

~ Psychosomatic diagnosis

~ Detection and professional solution for lack of sleep anomalous influences


I create energy emitters from the artwork I paint. These emitters carry energy imprints downloaded directly from Source. They are suitable:

for personal work of conscious creation

harmonizing your interior and exterior space..


Deep Abreactive Psychotherapy also known as  REGRESSION THERAPY

is often referred to as the beginning of a new journey... Not only does it help to remove physical and mental difficulties that have troubled you until then, but those who have gone through it usually say that the time is divided into the "before regression" and "after regression". In addition to eliminating and understanding the specific problem that brought you to therapy, you can also notice a number of other positive changes after it, which tend to be a new start or a continuation of your personal transformation. The principle of this procedure may be remotely similar to classical psychoanalysis. We look for a trauma, a problem, a negative experience in the past that affects your current life either at the level of psychological problems or at the level of hard-to-diagnose physical pain. Unlike psychoanalysis, in regression therapy there is no time limit to the depth of the past in which we will move during our search. It will definitely have a far-reaching impact on your life…

"It doesn't matter what world we live in, but what world we create and live inside of us...


Energetic Paitings

Samples of my artwork


ink paintings for your soul




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The Medias

 The Medias 

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Energy emitters

Price list:

Exchange of value for my time

Personal or online  consultation- hourly rate (60 min) CZK 1000/42 Euro

Regression therapy - can last up to 5 hours, 777 CZK/35 Euro per hour 

Energetic paintings - price on request

Dream catchers:

~ small CZK 333 /15 Euro

~ medium 15cm and more: CZK 444/ 20 Euro

~large over 30cm: CZK 777/ 35 Euro

Energy emitter from the painting: CZK 111/ 5 Euro